I Can/Can’t Change the World

I Can/Can’t Change the World

Riding the Waves of Bipolar II (1)

I can change the World,
Go big or go home!
I’ll never buy anything in packaging that can’t be recycled again.

OK so I have to spend a bit more on eggs. That’s OK.
“No, I have my own bags.”
You peddler of plastic bags that suffocate our environment!

Hmm, Christmas time, is wrapping paper recyclable?
How can I tell if the packaging this will come in is recyclable?
I can’t not buy gifts but, I’m going to be adding non biodegradable trash to the World.

I can’t change the World.
There’s always something that can’t be recycled.
Always lurking, hidden in plain sight.

Who was I kidding?
I can’t change the World.
I can’t even get out of bed.

Journal Entry: Jan 15,2016 (Depression is Back and I’m Taking on the Mail)

Journal Entry: Jan 15,2016 (Depression is Back and I’m Taking on the Mail)

journalentry 011516

I woke up around 7:30am I think, brushed my teeth, got breakfast and then slept until 2pm. I had posts to write, my journal entry for yesterday and this post I’m excited about about not feeling grown-up. I don’t know why I slept all day. I can only think that my depression is worsening. It was getting better. The bipolar coaster is the worst. So now I can’t write. I mean I’m writing this because it’s quick and less formal than the thoughts I want to lay out in the other post I should be writing.

I have been completely depressed all day but, I have made plans for getting past my mail phobia. I don’t open mail. It is a real problem which I address in the post I’m working on about being a grown-up. I have decided that this weekend I am going to at least sort the mail in alphabetical order (by company name) and then once it is all sorted I will tackle one folder at a time. I’ve asked my family for help so I’m hopeful that this will actually happen.

Well I am going to go to sleep early because I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow if I don’t just get hit with another crazy wave of exhaustion. I hope this finds you well or working toward wellness.